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IDP for SAP CE 7.2 on ADFS V3

Posted by techsnapshots on June 18, 2014

Here we will see how to configure IDP for SAP CE 7.2 on ADFS V3

Get the Metadata.xml from SAP CE and store it.

 Open Primary ADFS server


 Import manually the SAP CE metadata xml file

If you get any Warning while importing the SAP CE metadata , ignore it.

 Click Next

SHA-256 is default hash algorithm of ADFS. You can change the SignastureAlgorithm to SHA-1 on ADFS. I was not able to change it to SHA-1 while configuring SAP CE 7.2 Relying Party Trust. However we can change this later. So, I believe this is a bug here.

 Edit the claim rule.


Provide a Claim rule name and claim value

After Finish you can select the Properties and change the hash algorithm to SHA-1

 Provide the ADFS metadata to SAP


 on ADFS server , if you get below data , it is not metadata, try it from another machine as shown below.


 On different machine.

On Firefox.

Two thing you need to configure SP on SAP CE. ADFS Metadata.xml and Token-signing certificate.

Right click the Token-Signing certificate – >detail -> Copy to file and export the certificate.

 copy cert

 Check the federation


One Response to “IDP for SAP CE 7.2 on ADFS V3”

  1. This step by step is better than any other one I have found so far. Thanks!

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