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Part 3 : Installing Configuring and Managing Microsoft Online Backup Solution with Windows PowerShell ISE

Posted by techsnapshots on August 7, 2012

Installing Configuring and Managing Microsoft Online Backup Solution with Windows PowerShell ISE


Install the Microsoft Online Backup service agent.


1. Login to the server2 and open IE Explorer and on Address bar type

2. Click Download and choose Online Backup Service Installer

3. Download the OBSInstaller.exe and save the file on your desktop .

Open Windows Powershell ISE 64 bit from taskbar.

4. Change directory to the Obsinstaller folder.

PS C:\users\Administrator> cd .\Desktop\OBSInstaller


PS C:\users\Administrator\Desktop\OBSInstaller>


5. Install OBSInstaller .exe agent quiet mode.

Note: press spacebar after /q and then Enter Key

PS C:\Users\Administrator\desktop\OBSInstaller> .\OBSInstaller.exe


6. Wait for some time to appear Microsoft Online Backup Solution icon on the desktop. Agent has installed successfully.


: Registering the server2 with Microsoft Online Backup Solution

Note: You will find the commands in Register file placed on your desktop

Set the following variables and start the registration:

User your online user ID and password.

Below is only example :-

1. Microsoft Online Backup service Password: P@ssword1

2. Microsoft Online Backup service User ID:

3. Register the server

$pwd = ConvertTo-SecureString -String “P@ssword1” -AsPlainText –Force

$cred = New-Object –TypeName System.Management.Automation.PsCredential –ArgumentList “”, $pwd

Start-OBRegistration -Credential $cred


You will find the server2 is registered successfully

2. How to set the Passphrase .Passphrase require at the time of restoration of backup to alternate location.


On prompt type:

Server2-corpbackupserver and click OK.


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